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HVAC Duct Cleaning And Remediation

For decades, One Plus Restoration has provided air duct cleaning services. Our Houston air duct cleaning experts have extensive expertise working on both residential and business properties. We’ll assist you with cleaning your HVAC system of any mold, dirt, pollen, bacteria, filth, and other impurities. We employ high-powered air duct cleaning equipment to guarantee that your house or business has superior indoor air quality.

What sets us apart from other Air Duct Cleaning Service providers:

  • We provide a cleaning service that is effective, safe, and efficient.
  • Customer satisfaction is assured at 100%.
  • If at all feasible, we use methodical cleaning processes to save downtime and costs.
  • Our top aim is to keep you secure.
  • Our technicians are experienced, skilled, and well-trained.

Duct Cleaning

Why Is It Important?

  • Dust, pollen, and other microscopic particles abound in your home’s air. When your heating and air conditioning systems draw air, they often bring in particles, which build up inside your ducts over time, lowering the interior air quality. Cleaning your air ducts is essential for the following reasons:

  • Maintaining a high level of indoor air quality – You and your family inhale the air from the duct on a regular basis. If the ducts are contaminated, inhabitants are at risk of inhaling toxic air, which can cause health problems such as respiratory problems.

  • Energy efficiency has improved – Your air conditioner and heating system will use more energy if specks of dirt and other particles clog up the HVAC system. Cleaning your ducts on a regular basis helps increase your home’s energy efficiency.

  • Extend the life of your heating and cooling system.

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