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All Mold Remediation Terms You Must Know About

Mold can act as a problematic health hazard and can also be damaging to your homes and buildings. Therefore, to get rid of mold, people usually take the help of professional agencies. These are what we call ‘Mold Remediation Agencies’. While you are taking help from these agencies, several professional jargon can appear as confusing. Therefore, we compiled a helpful glossary of terms with their meanings to help you better understand the various terminologies.

  1. Abatement – This is the process of removing all traces of mold from your property. A successful abatement happens when you can return to your property knowing that the infestation of mold has been stopped.
  2. Air Sampling: In sites which have mold, a sample of mold spores in air is taken and analysed. If it is found that the levels of mold spores in the air is above the limit, then the sample is sent to the lab for further study.
  3. Air Scrubber: This is a device which is used in the abatement process. As you know mold can lead to spores in the air which can cause diseases. This device can suck the air and pass it through a number of filters making it safe.
  4. Antimicrobial: It is a chemical agent which is used to combat a number of microorganisms. In this case, it is used to put a stop to the spread of mold.
  5. Colony: A colony is used to describe the mold which is visible on a surface with the naked eye. These colonies need to be suppressed as they can spread the infestation through the surface and air.
  6. Containment Barrier: These are barriers put to close off the infected areas. These prevent the mold from getting out of the affected areas through air.
  7. HEPA: HEPA stands for High-efficiency particulate absorbing air filter. This device can filter 99.97% of matter which is greater than 0.3 micrometers.
  8. MVOCs: Mold infestation tends to give out a musty odour. Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs) are the chemicals responsible for this odour. They are released into the air by mold colonies.
  9. Mycotoxin: Mold belongs to the family of Fungi. Fungi tend to produce this toxin which is harmful to human beings.
  10. Remediation: This is the overarching process of mold removal. When a team of professionals are able to assess, contain and remove the mold, this process is known as mold remediation.
  11. Spore: These are microscopic structures, which form part of the fungi. They are airborne and try to latch onto surroundings which allow them to reproduce.

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