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Appliance Failures and Water Damage In Houston, TX

If you suffer an appliance failure and water damage in your property, what are the next steps?

Despite what you know, water damage from leaking appliances is extremely common, and it’s not something that you can really prepare for. A large percentage of water damage insurance claims are filed because of damaged or malfunctioning appliances in the home.
One of the biggest offenders is dishwashers that aren’t installed correctly. Water can leak from hoses and seals and then build up under the dishwasher, often leaking into the basement or spreading through the subfloor of your home. Washing machines, freezers, and also refrigerators are also common appliances that suffer failures that result in water leaking into the home, but what do you do if your appliance is leaking water?
Getting the appliance disconnected from the electricity and also water is the first step before calling an appliance repair specialist, but the next step should be to call us! We’ll be able to come to your home, rental, or investment property and assess how much damage your broken or leaking appliance has caused.
Water finds its way under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, through your walls and down hallways, under the carpet, and can even pool in closets and soaks through to your insulation. It’s these kinds of places that mold loves to thrive in. We can assess the existing water damage and then put in place water restoration procedures to limit the amount of water damage in your home.

Appliance Failures and Water Damage In Houston, TX – Conclusion
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