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DIY Mold Removal in Houston, TX: Why Is It Dangerous?

Wherever there is moisture, there is a chance that somewhere mold is thriving. The fact is that no home or house can be 100% safe and secure from mold problems. Mold not only eats your house from within but it also irritates your respiratory system and slowly one feels his/her health degrading. After all, people with vulnerable immune systems are at a higher risk of getting ill due to mold exposure.

Therefore, you may be tempted to clean that mold problem yourself but the consequences can harm your health. The fact is that mold spores can easily be dissolved within the air if not cleaned properly. In today’s day and age, we have experts with the right tools and techniques to do such jobs.

After all, the dangers of mold removal can not just affect your household but also your health. Make sure to read more about the dangers involved with DIY Mold Removal.

  • If Not Cleaned Properly, Mold becomes airborne.

It might sound tempting to resolve the mold issue yourself using DIY methods. But tampering with mold without any professional help will be like adding fuel to the fire. This might turn out to be a dangerous situation when you have mold spores induced within the air.

  • Unable to Identify Different Types of Molds

While all mold problems cause health issues, there are various kinds of molds and each of them requires a different removal strategy. You may have found the place where mold is thriving due to moisture, but only an expert will know its type and the specific removal techniques.

  • Major Health Issues

The fact is that mold affects your health in numerous negative ways and usually it is a slow process. It starts with attacking your respiratory system and people with pre-defined health issues like Asthma, can have a severe attack because of mold. The basic and most common symptoms of mold exposure are rashes, sinus congestion, and difficulty in breathing.

To Wrap It Up

These are some of the most common dangers involved in DIY mold removal, which simply proves the fact that one needs professional help to successfully get rid of mold. At, One Plus Restoration, we understand how human instincts work, the moment you see mold you are intimidated to clean it yourself. Although to keep your health intact alongside your family, it is vital to understand the importance of calling experts. After all, they are already aware of the dangers involved in DIY mold removal.

Therefore, to avoid any mold-related problems, schedule an appointment with mold experts like One Plus Restoration in Houston, TX if you suspect a mold infestation. Experts should be considered much before the situation gets out of your hands.

At One Plus Restoration, our well-trained professional will come to your place and gauge the damage before proceeding with the further steps. Hurry up – you don’t want something irreversible to happen to your house now, do you?

The Most Common Types of Indoor and Outdoor Molds

Noticing that you have a mold problem in your home is never an easy thing. This is something that you should seriously consider hiring somebody to get rid of. Not only is it bad for your home since it can destroy parts of your home, but it can also be bad for your health as it can affect your respiratory and immune systems.

Although, are you familiar with the most common types of indoor and outdoor molds? Yes, you can even see molds outdoors – how crazy is that?

In this article, we’re going to show you the most common types of indoor and outdoor molds:

  • Indoor Molds

A few molds can be found growing indoors, and while some of them aren’t toxic, it’s still incredibly important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

  1. Aspergillus is the one that’s most commonly found growing on your food and inside your HVAC systems.
  2. Stachybotrys Charta Rum is the type of mold known as “black mold” because of its slimy black appearance.
  3. Penicillium is the mold that grows on any surface that’s damaged by water, like carpets, wallpapers, and mattresses.
  • Outdoor Molds

Now onto the mold types that can be found growing outdoors. Naturally, these can be pink, red, and even orange, and they can also appear slimy.

  1. Alternaria is a mold that can be found on your plants or in potting soil.
  2. Aureobasidium is a mold that can also be found on your plants, but also wood or the foundation of your home.
  3. Serpula lacrymans is a type of mold that’s yellow, and they grow on wood that causes them to rot.

We can’t reiterate enough how important it is to handle mold in your home because there are simply so many things at stake.

Call us today at One Plus Restoration for that mold removal or remediation service that your home needs. We provide our services to countless clients in Houston, Texas, and other nearby cities like Humble, Katy, Sugar Land, and more!

Defining Some of the Most Common Mold Remediation Terms

Mold is one of those things that can seriously damage our homes and our healths. This is why it’s so important to treat these things as early as possible, because there may be vile consequences if you don’t. These mold colonies can grow so quickly, and acting as soon as possible is the key to preventing any kind of damages to both your property and your health.

Here at One Plus Restoration, we’ve managed to help out our clients by providing the best mold remediation services. However, not many people know how we do the job, and they’re unsure what the terminologies we say mean. So we thought it best to define some of the most common mold remediation terms that we use on the job.

  1. Abatement

This is the process of fully removing any kind of source of mold on a particular property. An abatement is considered successful when you return to your home or business, and the abundance of mold is no longer there.

  1. Allergen

This is a substance that’s responsible for producing any kind of allergic reaction.

  1. Colony

This is the cluster of mold that has become widespread on a surface and can be viewed with the naked eye. These colonies can spread quickly, and so the mold infestation can also be felt through the air.

  1. Containment

This is the barrier and the seals that are put in place to close off the infestation. There are filtration devices used to control the movement of airborne spores to avoid any kind of secondary contamination.

  1. HEPA

This is also known as the high-efficiency particulate absorbing air filter that can remove 99.97% of the particles greater than 0.3 micrometers.

  1. Microbe

This microorganism is also a type of fungi and bacteria that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

  1. Moisture Content

This is the amount of moisture inside a material, and it’s relative to the actual material.

  1. Porous

These materials allow air to pass through easily, and these materials can absorb and allow mold spores to flow into hidden areas, causing them to grow easily.

  1. Remediation

This is the action when a professional mold handling company disinfects the area and fully remediates the site. This is a thorough assessment, containment, removal, and treatment of the space with mold infestation.

  1. Spore

These are reproductive structures emitted from fungi, and they’re quite microscopic.

These are some of the most common mold remediation terms that we use on the job, and if you call us to treat the mold infestation in your homes, then you’ll probably hear these too!

Here at One Plus Restoration, we provide services to cities like Houston, Humble, Katy, and Sugar Land, Texas. So call us today to know more about our mold remediation services!

The Difference Between Mold and Mildew

Most people who don’t have any background in differentiating both mold and mildew can often interchange these two things. After all, they are from the same family of fungi. However, both mold and mildew are pretty different, even though they do have some commonalities.

Both mold and mildew both like moist, warm, and poorly ventilated areas, and these are places where they thrive the best. Although, there are so many other factors on how we can differentiate these two types of fungi.

Looking at Mold

Mold is the one that looks more fuzzy or slimy, but it can depend on what type of mold they are. There are some surfaces are covered by mold that can begin to rot, depending on what kind of mold it has. Then mold can also appear in various colors from red, yellow, green, and even black. Due to these colors, there could be dark spots that you can see on a wall or on your ceilings that can indicate that you have a mold problem.

Looking at Mildew

In our home, mildew can often be found in bathrooms since moisture is abundant in places like these. Bathrooms can also provide a sustainable environment for the fungus to grow. Not only that but mildew can also be found on some of your personal belongings like papers or even clothing that might’ve been damp. Although, the thing to bear in mind is that if mildew continues to grow, it could turn into mold.

Both mold and mildew have no space in your home, and so it’s best to call a trusted professional to handle these problems for you. Here at One Plus Restoration, we ensure that every mold and mildew problem we encounter is done in the best and the most efficient way. So what are you waiting for?

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The Mold Removal Protocol That You Should Be Implementing in Your Homes

Let’s face it; nobody wants to see mold in their homes. Not only does it look a bit disgusting, but it’s also incredibly dangerous for our health. Then again, these tiny spores usually aren’t that visible, making them difficult to spot and get rid of. Not to mention that more often than not, these molds can be microscopic – how are we supposed to clean those, right?

Although, there’s nothing to worry about since there’s a protocol that each homeowner should follow when it comes to removing molds in their homes. Also, you have to remember that removing mold isn’t something you should do on your own. It’s so much better to have a trusted professional deal with these things for you.

So speaking of proper protocol, what’s the mold removal protocol that each homeowner should be following when it comes to eradicating molds in their homes?

  1. Identifying the Sources of Moisture

When it comes to growing mold, they can seriously pop out of anywhere as long as they have favorable conditions to grow up in. So you’ll have to ensure that there are no areas in your homes with a mold-friendly environment. This means that you’ll have to figure out where the best source of moisture is in your homes, like leaking pipes covered by walls that lead to excess water. Be sure to check everything thoroughly because that’s probably where the molds are.

  1. Documenting All the Mold-Infected Areas

Once you’ve found out where the mold-infected areas are, then you should be able to document them by taking photos and videos. Yes, this might seem like a disgusting and unnecessary step, but this is evidence that you need to create an effective mold removal plan according to the extent of the damage captured in your photos.

  1. Estimating the Contamination and Calling the Professionals

Lastly, you’ll have to estimate the extent of the contamination in your home so you can rank the severity of the mold. This will help you decide on which kind of services that you’ll need. Speaking of services, you’ll have to call a mold removal professional to help you get rid of all the mold in your home. Not only is this the best way to do it, but it’s also one of the safest ways to do it without sabotaging anybody’s health.

Molds are no joke, and you should get rid of them the first time you see them. So why not call us today at One Plus Restoration to know more about the mold removal services we offer? We provide our services to countless clients all over Houston, Texas, and nearby cities like Katy, Humble, and Sugar Land. We’ll be more than happy to tackle these problems for you!

Can Air Purifiers Remove Household Mold Spores?

Mold is one of the most common problems in households everywhere. These are things that can be found everywhere in your house, especially in places where they can be exposed to high temperatures or high humidity.

There are a few common side effects to having mold in your homes – not only is it not visually pleasing and produces a foul smell, but it can also affect your health. When you breathe in any kind of mold, there’s a high chance that you’ll develop health problems that can lead to serious conditions. This is why it’s so important to get rid of molds as soon as possible.

Then again, a few homeowners turn to air purifiers to minimize the possibility that mold will form in their spaces. Although, is an air purifier proven to remove mold spores in your household?

If you’re having a hard time with your allergic reactions, then having an air purifier in your home is one of the most effective ways to combat this. These devices can help you remove mold spoors indoors, so you and your family won’t have the chance to inhale them. Although bear in mind that you should use HEPA filters to trap any kind of airborne mold spores – this one is extremely important. These are filters that have activated carbon fibers that can help in eliminating odors caused by mold. In return, this can help prevent mold spore growth.

It’s best to have air purifiers in your rooms where people tend to be in the most like your bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and so on. Plus, getting an air purifier installed in your home can significantly lower the concentration of mold spores in your home.

Getting an air purifier is a great idea, but it’s still best to call a trusted professional upon the first mold sighting in your home. Here at One Plus Restoration, we ensure that every job we do is done professionally and efficiently, and we’d love to help you get rid of your mold problem today. We provide our services in Houston, Texas, and nearby cities like Humble, Katy, and Sugar Land.

Call us today to know more about the various mold removal services that we offer!

How Can Mold Damage Your Home in Houston, Texas?

More often than not, most of us have encountered some highly annoying mold problems in our homes, right? The thing is, mold isn’t only smell-fouling and visually unpleasant, but it’s also terribly bad for our health. Not many people know it, but mold can seriously harm your health if you don’t deal with your house’s mold infestation soon enough.

Not only that, but another thing that can be seriously damaged by molds is none other than your own home. This is quite self-explanatory since molds are trying to sneak into every single corner of your home. In return, they’re destroying the foundations of your homes.

Mold can destroy even the strongest of materials in your homes, such as wood. So if your ceilings are infested by mold, then there’s a high chance that your ceilings are going to be destroyed if you don’t remove this mold soon enough. Not only that, but molds are bad for your HVAC since they can creep into your air ducts. We know that air ducts are some of the most important parts of your home since this is where air circulates, so that can be seriously damaging to your health if your air ducts are infested by mold.

These are simply some of the ways in which mold can damage your homes in Houston, Texas. If you don’t catch them soon enough, then who knows what kinds of damage they’re capable of?

Not to worry, though, because this is where we come in. Here at One Plus Restoration, we ensure that every job we do is done in the best and the most efficient manner. We tackle mold removals quite seriously as we know what kinds of implications these things can do to your home and your health.

So if you have a mold infestation, why not reach out to us at One Plus Restoration? We cater to our client’s needs in Houston, Texas, and we also provide our services to cities nearby like Humble, Katy, and Sugar Land.

Call us today, and let’s get rid of the molds in your home!

Mold Testing Services in Katy, Texas

Mold is one of the most common problems in homes across America, and it’s one of the worst things you can find in your homes. Not only does it harm the way your homes look, but it can also harm your health. It’s extremely dangerous to inhale mold because it can give you a bunch of respiratory problems.

So what do you do if you find out that your property or your homes are suffering from mold infestation?

The first thing that you have to do is call a trusted mold removal or remediation team. Here at One Plus Restoration, we ensure that every job we do is done in the best and the most professional manner. We take pride in caring for our clients’ mold needs since we know these things can damage your lives badly.

We at One Plus Restoration are a team that’s equipped and experienced, and we conduct various mold tests for our clients around Houston, Humble, Katy, and Sugar Land, Texas. We conduct these tests for both commercial and residential properties as well.

The mold testing procedure that we do here at One Plus Restoration is designed by IICRC-certified mold inspectors who follow the established guidelines by the Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA. So this is why our quality of work is trusted by all of our clients all around Texas.

It’s best to avail of our services if you think that there’s mold lingering in your properties, especially if you’re a business owner who has employees to think of. Make sure that you’re availing of the best possible service out there, and we can guarantee you that this is something that we can provide.

What are you waiting for?

Call us today at One Plus Restoration for more information on our various mold removal, remediation, and testing services!

Mold Remediation Services in Katy, Texas

Nobody likes seeing the spread and the growth of mold in their own homes, right? However, we can’t always control the ways in which these things grow. These molds often develop as a result of unaddressed direct physical water damage. These are spaces in which water damage has occurred, like leaking pipes, bathrooms, and downspouts.

It’s not always easy to spot mold, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Although, it’s terribly important to spot these things as early as possible because mold infestation is something that requires an immediate response.

As we all know, mold can damage your homes – but did you know that mold is even more damaging to your health? Some types of mold can seriously damage your respiratory health if you inhale it, and so it’s not something that you want in your home.

There’s nothing to worry though, because once you spot mold growth in your home, all you have to do is call us at One Plus Restoration. We’re a team of qualified and highly skilled professionals who knows what we’re doing when it comes to mold removal and remediation. We respond to each mold infestation by observing the mold growth, figuring out what kind of treatment it needs, and doing the job in the best and the most efficient manner.

Not all mold growths are the same, and so it’s incredibly important to call a professional team like us to handle these things for you. Here at One Plus Restoration, we serve our clients in Katy, Texas, and we also cater to nearby cities like Houston, Humble, and Sugar Land.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait too long before calling a professional to handle your mold problems. Call us today at One Plus Restoration to get the job done!

Tips to Prevent Mold from Spreading

Nobody wants to see mold in their homes. That’s a normal fact of life. However, we can’t always guarantee that there’ll be no molds lingering around our personal spaces. That’s just not how it works. Although, we know that molds can be bad for people’s health, especially those with respiratory problems like asthma and such.

It’s incredibly important to prevent mold from growing in your homes, but how can you stop these bacteria from spreading?

Here at One Plus Restoration, we take pride in providing only the best mold removal and remediation services in Houston, Texas. We want you to be able to protect yourself and your family too. So here are three tips to prevent mold from spreading in your homes:

  1. It’s best to keep a healthy humidity level in your home. Did you know that one of the best places where mold can breed is wherever the environment is humid? This is why you should keep your home’s humidity level to a minimum level.
  2. You should make your home mold-resistant, and this means that you should consider installing mold-resistant products. Not only that, but ensure that you’re cleaning your home regularly and keep your windows open to improve your air ventilation inside of your home.
  3. Another thing is that you should make a habit of cleaning and drying surfaces inside your home. This is especially important in areas like your kitchen and your bathroom. It’s important to dry these areas because mold can’t grow without moisture.

Upon seeing mold in your homes for the very first time, it’s so important that you call a trusted professional like us at One Plus Restoration. It’s so important that you know what you’re doing when it comes to handling mold so they don’t have the chance to harm you and your family.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today at One Plus Restoration to know more about our services!