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Fire And Smoke

If not properly handled, fire can spread quickly and inflict irreversible damage. A fire breakout, on the other hand, does not always mean that your property has reached the end of its useful life. It is critical to call fire damage cleanup professionals as soon as possible to avoid further or irreversible damage to your property.

Our objective at One Plus Restoration is to assist you in limiting the damage to your property. Our crew is well-equipped to handle any type of fire or smoke damage. We recognize the severity of fire damage to your home or business, and we understand your desire to have your property restored as soon as possible. As a result, we make every effort to guarantee that our fire cleanup service is completed promptly and fast.

We are always ready to cope with the obstacles and turmoil that a fire outbreak might bring. We’ll be there for you every step of the way, and we’ll make sure your house is restored as quickly as possible. Our Houston fire damage cleanup service is designed to save your property from deteriorating further.

Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup

Clean Up Process

Damage Inspection and Evaluation

One Plus Restoration will come out and assess the fire scene and provide you a free quote. We pay attention to the smallest details, and we’ll make sure that any concealed defects are discovered so that you don’t have to spend money on restoration in the future.

Isolate Any Potentially Dangerous Places

Our professionals will isolate any places where you or your family may be at risk.

Cleaning And Drying The Affected Area

If the water used to put out the fire is still visible, we will remove it and dry the area to prevent mold from growing.

Smoke And Soot Residue Removal

We clear soot from your ceilings, walls, and other impacted surfaces with cutting-edge technology. We’ll use specialist equipment to assist you get rid of the smoke odor.

Keeping Your Property Clean And Sanitary

We’ll start cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and impacted goods after the smoke and soot particles have been removed. One Plus Restoration can also assist you in removing non-salvageable damaged and polluted objects.

Complete Fire Damage Repair

We will not only restore your property to its original condition but also enhance its beauty. Our crew is skilled in a variety of reconstruction, repair, and replacement services needed to restore your house.

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