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Guide to Fire Damage Restoration Process

According to the findings, over 23 billion dollars’ worth of property was damaged as a result of a fire disaster in 2017. Though you can’t truly prepare for the devastating effects of a house fire, you can try to minimize the losses.

Even if there is intense fire, you can still work quickly to avoid further loss due to smoke damage.

Below is a guide that will help you to avoid expensive repair bills and future issues due to weakened structures and smoke damage:

Update Family and Friends

Ensure you contact your family, friends or loved ones to know about your health and safety.

Secure your property

Ensure you secure your property such as doors, windows, or other openings in the house to prevent looting or trespassing during the recovery process. One Plus restoration can help in securing your property properly.

Cleaning and Removal

The smoke and soot come as a result of a house fire that can be impossible to clean out on your own. Staining’s what happens during a fire usually goes underneath. Only a deep scrub, sanding, and refinishing will get rid of the smoke.

If your home has also been affected by water damage, at that point the cleanup procedure will include pumping and airing out all the moisture. Unique heaters and fans will then dry out all the contents before sanitizing everything. It’s critical to deal with this as soon as possible to prevent pockets of mold potentially causing health problems.

In order to evacuate the odors that come out after a fire, it might be important to clean all the carpet and upholstery throughout the home. This is where you should be considering hurling out any upholstered furniture that isn’t expensive to replace. It might cost more to attempt to clean them.


For the priceless pieces, family treasures and furniture that are hard or difficult to replace, restoration is a cautious procedure. Beginning with the walls and ceilings, fire often creates bubbling and blistering of the paint. This must be scratched and repainted cautiously.

When it comes to wood surfaces damaged by fire, ash, or smoke, the alternatives for repair will fall into two categories. For incomplete wood, you could attempt to apply a sealant over it to veil or trap the odor, but there’s no guarantee that it will work.

Finished wood has a much better success rate of fix and full restoration. The surface that secured the wood gets stripped, sanded and resurfaced. This guarantees that all of that trapped odor gets evacuated and none of it will linger later on. Restoring wood affected by smoke and fire damage is a job for professional cleaners.


There are some positive reasons to use fire inferno as a starting point for a restoration. Sometimes repairs and cleaning can be time-consuming. If the damage is so much that you can never restore the affected parts of your home to what they were original, why not start over?

The act of restoration after a house fire is akin to a rebirth; a chance to remove yourself from that traumatic experience. Many fire damage companies provide renovation services to go with their repairs and restoration. Experienced contractors will know how to get the most value out of the restoration process, even if that means throwing away and rebuilding a large section of it.

Contact Your Insurance Company and Start the Recovery Process

Get in touch with your insurance company so they can begin processing your claim. Getting a copy of the fire report from the fire department will be helpful to your insurance company in their information-gathering process. This is a document that contains specific information about the fire.

For more information and inquiries about fire damage, One Plus restoration is here to help!

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