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How Can You Detect Mold in Your Home in Katy, Texas?

Mold isn’t something you should take for granted because there are so many things attached to it. Not only that, but molds can seriously make your lives so much worse if you don’t respond to them as soon as possible.

Although, if you’re living in a nice home in Katy, Texas, are you sure that no molds are lingering around your home?

There’s a common misconception that molds are only found in dirty places. We’re sorry to burst your bubbles, but molds can be found everywhere! These types of bacteria can be found where there’s plenty of moisture, and more often than not, they could be pretty difficult to detect and remove.

Not many homeowners can detect mold on the first few times, but they only do so when there are visible spots caused by these molds. This is a bad thing, and the first time you realize that there’s mold presence in your homes, you should call a trusted professional.

Although, how can you detect mold in your home if you’re not really familiar with what you’re looking for? Here are three tips on how you can:

  1. There are water leaks around your house.

As we’ve previously said, wherever it’s moist, there’s a high chance that a mold can thrive there. Once you detect any kind of water leaks in your home, you should definitely call a trusted professional to fix them for you. Only then will you be able to know if there are molds in your home – then again, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

  1. You’re having various respiratory problems.

Bear in mind that not all mold can cause some kind of health symptom, but a significant mass is well known to affect the human respiratory system. This, in particular, is the black mold that contains mycotoxins that can attack our immune and respiratory systems.

  1. There’s a distinguishable growth.

Some molds can manifest in the form of dirty spots, and these spots can seriously be visible to the naked eye. So if you see any kind of dirty spots on your walls or anywhere around your homes, it’s time to call a trusted professional to handle your mold problems.

If you think that you’ve got a mold problem at home, then there’s no reason for you to worry. Here at One Plus Restoration, we’re more than happy to get the job done. We provide our services to countless clients around Katy, Texas, and nearby cities like Houston, Humble, Sugar Land, and more!

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