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How Quickly Can Mold Grow?

When it comes to mold growth, one thing is for sure: they grow as quickly as they can!

Mold will thrive in any space where moisture is prevalent. So when a space has an optimal temperature and humidity level, it would take about 24 to 48 hours for these types of fungi to germinate and spread to various locations.

In layman’s terms, mold grows as quickly as it can and in no time at all.

This is why it’s extremely important to watch where these things are developing and call a mold remediation team once you’ve spotted these things lingering around your home.

One Plus Restoration is a company based in Houston, Texas, and we offer great and efficient mold remediation services around the Greater Houston Area and beyond.

We have helped countless homeowners and business owners get rid of their mold infestation problem through the years, and you could be our next success story.

Before working on your infested space, we provide our clients with an estimate for the mold remediation or removal services that they need to ensure that this infestation will not return. Plus, an environmental company needs to set up a mold assessment and protocol, which we will handle for you.

Indeed, mold isn’t something people want around their spaces, but it’s also quite inevitable. So once you spot a leakage in your homes, it’s best to have these things fixed or repaired because these are spaces where mold and mildew like to grow and thrive.

Still, prevention is key.

Here at One Plus Restoration, we’re passionate about helping others get rid of the mold problems that they have around their personal and commercial spaces. Our team of world-class and well-trained technicians will do their jobs in the most efficient manner to ensure that these mold infestations won’t return.

We offer our services to clients around Houston, Texas, and its neighboring cities.

So reach out to us today at One Plus Restoration to schedule an inspection!