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How to Detect Water Damage in Houston, TX

What’s the easiest way to detect if you have water damage at your Houston property?

With some forms of water damage, it’s immediately noticeable where the water came from, a damaged roof, a burst pipe, you’ll be able to see water pouring in. However, other times you have water damage, and it’s not immediately noticeable where the water came from or how the water got there in the first place.
Rather than just waiting out the water damage, be proactive and find out where that water is coming from. Below are some of the common reasons behind water damage!
An increased water bill – Water bills can usually fluctuate a little bit. Still, if you have a sudden increase in your water bill and it’s consistently higher than usual, then you could have water leaking somewhere on your property. Because pipes run behind walls and underground, leaking or burst pipes can be particularly hard to detect.
Musty or strange odors – That musty odor associated with stale water is hard to miss. If you have musty odors in specific areas of your home, then it’s time to investigate it further before there is any noticeable damage to your property.
Visible stains or warped timber – Sudden changes in timber surfaces, floors, ceilings, or bubbling and peeling paint are all signs that there could be water causing you damage out of sight.
Mold – Any mold growing indoors is extremely bad for your health and a sure sign that you have excessive moisture or water damage. If you have any mold in your home, you should call a water damage restoration company immediately and get the cause and damage fixed.

How to Detect Water Damage in Houston, TX – Conclusion
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