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Mold Allergies vs Seasonal Allergies: How Can You Tell The Difference?

Everyone is quite familiar with a runny nose, sore throat, and congestion caused by seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies are also known as hay fever, but if it lingers on even after taking medication or preventive measures, you need to delve deep into the cause behind it. Since the root cause could be mold which leads to allergic reactions, it’s mandatory that you know the reason to get the proper treatments.

Although the majority of symptoms of both allergies sometimes overlap. There are ways to distinguish between a seasonal allergy and mold infestations causing allergic reactions to your body.

How to Differentiate Between Seasonal and Mold Allergies?

Seasonal allergies occur during late summer and mid-fall. On the other hand, Mold related allergies can hamper your health during any time of the year.

Following mentioned are some important facts related to mold allergies that tell you that these aren’t just normal seasonal allergies.

  • The fact is that mold grows at a rapid speed in high humidity areas. If there is moisture anywhere inside or outside your home, the chances of mold infestations become higher. And it further leads to allergic reactions depending on your immune system.
  • A mold allergy can easily trigger asthma, while on the other hand, the effect of seasonal allergies is not that severe.
  • Outdoor mold causes allergies during summer till mid-fall. While indoor mold infestation can cause year-round allergic symptoms.
  • Simply due to moisture, the majority of homes have some levels of mold spores within the air. People with vulnerable immune systems can witness allergic symptoms pretty often.

In conclusion

One of the vital factors that help differentiate between both allergies is that seasonal allergies are caused by pollen, and mold allergies can be caused by inhaling the fungi spores directly into your lungs.

Although, the treatment for mold and seasonal allergies involves nearly the same medication like decongestants, nasal spray, etc, the most common way to determine if it is a seasonal or mold-related allergy is to consult a doctor.

And if it indeed is because of mold infestation, it is time to call the experts. Therefore, to avoid any mold-related problems, schedule an appointment with mold experts like One Plus Restoration in Houston, TX if you suspect a mold infestation. Experts should be considered much before the situation gets out of your hands.

At One Plus Restoration, our well-trained professional will come to your place and gauge the damage before proceeding with the further steps. Hurry up – you don’t want something irreversible to happen to your house now, do you?