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Remodeling & Reconstruction

When it comes to real estate, contracts, and interior design, the terms “renovate” and “remodel” are frequently interchanged. These phrases, however, mean two very different things to those who work in one or more of these businesses. The main distinction is that a renovation refers to returning something to its original state, whilst a remodel refers to the creation of something new.

One Plus Restoration offers professional Remodel and Reconstruction services, guaranteed to leave your rooms looking like brand new.

Remodeling & Reconstruction

When Should You Remodel or Reconstruct?

If you own a property that “needs a little love” (as many real estate listings do), you may be debating whether to clean it up or to pull it down and start again. This is a significant choice that should be carefully considered. If you choose to remodel and reconstruct, you’d be able to tailor your property to your own requirements. You’ll have complete control over the materials and fixtures you use to create your ideal family room, garage, or any room that needs extra love and attention.

The best rooms to remodel:

  • Kitchen
  • Guest/Other Bathroom
  • Master Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Master Bedroom

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