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The Difference Between Mold Allergies and Seasonal Allergies

Do you feel like you’re often sneezing, congested with a scratchy throat and a runny nose? Well, this could either be seasonal allergies – but this could also be mold allergies.

Now, most of us might already be familiar with seasonal allergies, but what about mold allergies? Did you even know that this is possible? Well it is, and this type of allergy is something that’s quite prevalent to those whose houses have mold – quite self-explanatory, really.

So what’s the difference between mold allergies and seasonal allergies?

While the symptoms for both mold allergies and seasonal allergies are similar, there’s still a high chance that you can figure out which is which.

When it comes to seasonal allergies, this is something that can occur between late February and early September. Then again, mold allergies are typically occurring at any type of the year.

Plus, seasonal allergies often affect those who has windows open or those who spend most of their time outdoors. For mold allergies, the people affected by this are those who often have their windows shut and are indoors.

Not only that, but those who have mold allergy “attacks” often get it in their basement, kitchen, and laundry room since these are common environments where molds tend to grow and thrive.

So is there are way to prevent seasonal allergies and mold allergies?

When it comes to preventing seasonal allergies, try to avoid being exposed to pollen by staying indoors on dry and windy days. You can also hire someone to work on your garden, and when they do, you ought to wear a mask to prevent yourself from sniffing those pollens. Bear in mind to shut your windows in the morning since this is when pollen counts are the highest.

When it comes to preventing mold allergies, it’s best to clean your homes, especially your bathroom with bleach or disinfectant at least once a month. Make sure to clean every single inch from the tub to the shower, and make sure to replace your shower curtains with clean ones. It’s also important to check for any kinds of leaks in your homes to prevent any type of excess moisture, since this is where molds tend to thrive.

There are different other ways to prevent both mold and seasonal allergies, so it’s best to know which one you have.

To prevent mold allergies in your homes, hire a great mold removal services to ensure the safety of you and your family. Call us today at One Plus Restoration to know more about the mold removal services we offer. We provide our services to clients in Houston, Texas, and to nearby cities like Katy, Humble, and Sugar Land.

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