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The Difference Between Mold and Mildew

Most people who don’t have any background in differentiating both mold and mildew can often interchange these two things. After all, they are from the same family of fungi. However, both mold and mildew are pretty different, even though they do have some commonalities.

Both mold and mildew both like moist, warm, and poorly ventilated areas, and these are places where they thrive the best. Although, there are so many other factors on how we can differentiate these two types of fungi.

Looking at Mold

Mold is the one that looks more fuzzy or slimy, but it can depend on what type of mold they are. There are some surfaces are covered by mold that can begin to rot, depending on what kind of mold it has. Then mold can also appear in various colors from red, yellow, green, and even black. Due to these colors, there could be dark spots that you can see on a wall or on your ceilings that can indicate that you have a mold problem.

Looking at Mildew

In our home, mildew can often be found in bathrooms since moisture is abundant in places like these. Bathrooms can also provide a sustainable environment for the fungus to grow. Not only that but mildew can also be found on some of your personal belongings like papers or even clothing that might’ve been damp. Although, the thing to bear in mind is that if mildew continues to grow, it could turn into mold.

Both mold and mildew have no space in your home, and so it’s best to call a trusted professional to handle these problems for you. Here at One Plus Restoration, we ensure that every mold and mildew problem we encounter is done in the best and the most efficient way. So what are you waiting for?

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