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The Mold Removal Protocol That You Should Be Implementing in Your Homes

Let’s face it; nobody wants to see mold in their homes. Not only does it look a bit disgusting, but it’s also incredibly dangerous for our health. Then again, these tiny spores usually aren’t that visible, making them difficult to spot and get rid of. Not to mention that more often than not, these molds can be microscopic – how are we supposed to clean those, right?

Although, there’s nothing to worry about since there’s a protocol that each homeowner should follow when it comes to removing molds in their homes. Also, you have to remember that removing mold isn’t something you should do on your own. It’s so much better to have a trusted professional deal with these things for you.

So speaking of proper protocol, what’s the mold removal protocol that each homeowner should be following when it comes to eradicating molds in their homes?

  1. Identifying the Sources of Moisture

When it comes to growing mold, they can seriously pop out of anywhere as long as they have favorable conditions to grow up in. So you’ll have to ensure that there are no areas in your homes with a mold-friendly environment. This means that you’ll have to figure out where the best source of moisture is in your homes, like leaking pipes covered by walls that lead to excess water. Be sure to check everything thoroughly because that’s probably where the molds are.

  1. Documenting All the Mold-Infected Areas

Once you’ve found out where the mold-infected areas are, then you should be able to document them by taking photos and videos. Yes, this might seem like a disgusting and unnecessary step, but this is evidence that you need to create an effective mold removal plan according to the extent of the damage captured in your photos.

  1. Estimating the Contamination and Calling the Professionals

Lastly, you’ll have to estimate the extent of the contamination in your home so you can rank the severity of the mold. This will help you decide on which kind of services that you’ll need. Speaking of services, you’ll have to call a mold removal professional to help you get rid of all the mold in your home. Not only is this the best way to do it, but it’s also one of the safest ways to do it without sabotaging anybody’s health.

Molds are no joke, and you should get rid of them the first time you see them. So why not call us today at One Plus Restoration to know more about the mold removal services we offer? We provide our services to countless clients all over Houston, Texas, and nearby cities like Katy, Humble, and Sugar Land. We’ll be more than happy to tackle these problems for you!