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The Process of Mold Remediation and Removal in Houston, Texas

When it comes to removing unwanted mold in your home, this isn’t an easy task that should be handled in a DIY manner.

There are things that each homeowner or business owner has to think about before they even touch the mold that’s lingering in their home. Not only that, but it’s always better to seek the help of an expert mold remediation team to successfully eliminate all mold sources around your personal or commercial space.

One Plus Restoration is a company based in Houston, Texas, and we offer both mold remediation and mold removal services in the Greater Houston Area. We are a company with a trusted reputation in the area, and we are also licensed by the State of Texas for Mold Remediation.

Here at One Plus Restoration, we provide various services to ensure that each mold source will be eliminated in your spaces. We also offer our clients an estimate for the services that have to be done after a mold assessment and protocol. This is to ensure that each service is catered towards a specific client’s needs.

We offer one of the best mold remediation and mold removal services in Houston, and while these two are quite popular, it’s still often interchanged with one another.

So what’s the difference between mold remediation and mold removal services?

  • Mold Remediation Services

When it comes to our mold remediation services, we provide a complete range of other services to remove, clean up, and repair the damages caused by the mold and water in your personal or commercial spaces. This is a service handled by our well-trained specialists, and they will only work within the mold assessment and protocol set by an environmental company.

  • Mold Removal Services

When it comes to our mold removal process, this is a method in where our professional technicians will clean up the mold and repair your property to your satisfaction. We follow a well-planned and systematic mold abatement and remediation process for our mold removal services.

Mold isn’t something that should be seen lingering around your homes. Not only that, but once you realize that there’s an infestation in your personal or commercial space, it’s best to call us at One Plus Restoration for quick and easy mold remediation and removal services.

One Plus Restoration offers our services to clients around Houston, Texas, and beyond.

So reach out to us today at One Plus Restoration for more information!