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What is Mold Remediation In Houston, TX?

The growth of mold takes place in cases where a physical water damage takes place to a building. The materials of a building can get wet without the owner realising the same. This microbial growth starts taking place days after a water loss. Therefore, in order to prevent such growth, ensure that such problems of water damage are addressed quickly.

If your building in Houston is experiencing water damage, then it is a good idea to get it checked through a professional agency. Timely response can help you mitigate the damage and reduce the chances of mold growth. But, even if mold has taken over your building or home, you do not need to worry about the same. This is because professionals can help you remediate the mold in your place.

Mold Testing in Houston

Whenever mold is discovered in a building, an environmental specialist is called in to examine air samples. This is done to get a clearance and proceed with the necessary protocols. Any professional company will adopt these procedures to remediate the mold. But, if your building is vacant and the growth of mold is obvious, then the company may proceed with the remediation process. In these situations, the environmental specialist is called in after the remediation process.

Mold Remediation Process in Houston

Mold spores have a tendency to spread easily. They can travel through the air and can take hold in other areas. Therefore, to disallow such migration, companies do not use drying fans on mold infested areas. To prevent the spread, the infested areas are sealed off with plastic containment barriers to isolate the areas of remediation.

The companies follow the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Mold Removal. Firstly, any materials which show visible signs of mold infestation are HEPA vacuumed and are removed. The areas which show visible signs of mold infestation have to be demolished to prevent further migration.

There are also areas which do not show visible signs of mold infestation. Therefore, the protocol for them is to remove the water damage and prevent the mold growth. These places also need to be HEPA vacuumed and wiped clean with an antimicrobial solution. Any of the surfaces which show water damage need to go through this process. To complete the process, the entire area is wet fogged with a layer of antimicrobial solution.

To Wrap It Up

When the remediation process comes to an end, an environmental specialist may perform site sampling.

To avoid any mold-related problems, schedule an appointment with mold experts like One Plus Restoration in Houston, TX if you suspect a mold infestation. Experts should be considered much before the situation gets out of your hands. At One Plus Restoration, our well-trained professional will come to your place and gauge the damage before proceeding with the further steps. Hurry up – you don’t want something irreversible to happen to your house now, do you?